Tom Dewhurst


Tom is a young entrepreneur passionate about building a ground-breaking business that can make someone’s day.

Since founding Ordoo, he reckons he’s cumulatively saved his users a year of wasted time standing in queues and waiting around for their orders. It’s all about the people and he likes to talk to individual customers about how his app has made their day easier. By ordering ahead for food and drink, the hassle is taken care of and people can enjoy their experience.

Building Ordoo is Tom’s first involvement with the food and drink industry – it’s been a great start! Tom loves working with the best independent coffee shops, cafes, lunch spots, restaurants and bars. The passion people have for food and drink in this industry is infectious.

Having fun doing interesting things is what it’s all about for Tom.

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Harnessing digital advancements to enhance customer experiences (for independents)

The digital ecosystem is evolving at unprecedented rates. It’s increasingly difficult for you to keep track of what’s happening behind the closed doors of industry behemoths. Let alone keeping tabs on the seemingly infinite emerging technologies being developed by start-ups globally. All this innovation is undoubtedly making something better, quicker, easier, clearer, etc. But what matters, what do your customers care about and what solutions should you use? I’ll help you understand what your customers actually need. Only then is it worth implementing technology to enhance experiences.