Tim Hunt


Tim Hunt is one of the UK’s leading Business Advisors on the GDPR, DPA and ePrivacy regulations and a key speaker at more than a dozen European forums including five GDPR Summits in London. He is a deeply experienced international Board Director, MarTech innovator, speaker and strategic business advisor with three decades of experience in marketing, IT, telecoms, communications and business operations including outsourcing, mergers, partnering, transition, transformation and change management. Tim will also be on TechQuarters stand to provide visitors advice on the operational and technical compliance challenges and opportunities these new privacy regulations have created and he has also generously offered a handful of one-to-one meetings for visitors who wish to pre-book. If you would like to meet Tim to discuss any specific challenges you are having, please email us on elly.smith@techquarters.com

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Panel Session: GDPR: The Rules Behind the Regulation

With GDPR in full swing, and businesses only just discovering the true impact of its legislation and requirements, this panel session will explore exactly what your business needs to do to be compliant. Panel Theatre Hall 15 - Wednesday 11:00 - 11:30