Tim Dunn


Tim is CEO of eSpyder, a GDPR Data discover and governance solution. He has been in the software industry for 30 years. For the last 20 years, Tim has specialised in the software security sector and helped grow organisations ranging in size from start-up to >$100M multi-region sales teams of over 100 people. Tim specialises in businesses that are planning high growth and helps them scale to realise double and treble percentage annual growth rates. Tim has been closely involved in the evolution of the GDPR and its implications on businesses around the world.

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Panel Session: GDPR: The Rules Behind the Regulation

With GDPR in full swing, and businesses only just discovering the true impact of its legislation and requirements, this panel session will explore exactly what your business needs to do to be compliant. Panel Theatre Hall 15 - Wednesday 11:00 - 11:30