Stephen Garrett

Stephen Garrett Studio

Stephen studied illustration at the University of Brighton and is based in London. His unique artistic practice fuses classical techniques with modern technology, to create complex and ornate works that are at once traditional and contemporary. He continues to push the boundaries of his craft, consistently finding new methods to realise his adventurous concepts – including 3D-modeling, collage, bronzing and UV printing.

His previous clients include The Barbican, The Spectator magazine, Geronimo Inns and high-end restaurant Beast. Garrett built a powerful visual identity for the Beast restaurant creating a visual connection between the brand, restaurant and its consumer. Garrett’s brief was to lead the art direction across media platforms, interior installations and develop the brand identity and visual messaging; logo, web presence, artwork, signage, bronze sculpture and interior feature pieces.

Stephen Garrett Studio won Best Identity 2015: Beast (London) Restaurant Bar & Design Awards.

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An Appetite For Art

Including artists and concepts at an early stage of the project. Therefore creating a full and emotive Visual Identity; encapsulating logo, branding, visual, digital comms and website. When elements are developed simultaneously, this leads to a fully rounded brand. How to then apply this identity and artwork into the restaurant space. The use of modern techniques, such as 3D printing and new technologies, can give far more scope for possibility.