Man Kee Eric Emran Lee


Born in 1983 in the Netherlands to Hong Kong parents, we moved to Germany and Scotland before finally settling in Leeds, UK. My father is an amazing chef and he had his own successful takeaway in the 90’s. Without knowing at that time, it was my first experience in the industry, which would serve me well in the future. Being a rebellious child, I’d always wanted to do things differently, after finishing University with a Masters’ degree and working a high profile banking job, something wasn’t right. So I quit my job. There at the age of 23, my journey began and using all the knowledge, experience and my love of great food, I started making great moves in the food industry. Since 2008, I have opened 6 successful businesses with an outlook to expanding and franchising one of our brands

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From a regular 9-5 job to successful restaurant businesses

I will start with a small introduction to who I am and my progress into the food industry. I will give an insight into the pro’s, con’s, struggle and strategies that I have encountered on the way. Then onto the evolution of the takeaway/restaurant industry from consumer changes, trends and the necessities required to survive in an ever-crowded market.