Dave Thompson


Dave started his career as a waiter, before transitioning to business and technology in 2003. He spent six years at the world''s premier performance and innovation consultancy, Accenture, where he advised on operational performance, workflow systems, and technology usability for major blue chip clients across Europe, Asia, and the US.

Dave subsequently spent several years studying and working in Silicon Valley before returning to the UK and combining his knowledge of business, technology and hospitality to build Europe''s leading smartmenu company, Magictab.

Dave holds two Computer Science degrees and an MBA from California''s UC Berkeley.

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Lessons from America: How to Halve Waitstaff Costs & Improve Service

Magictab founder and operational performance consultant, Dave Thompson, will explore the emerging trend of smartmenus, explaining how 10,000 restaurants worldwide have managed to dramatically reduce staffing costs, while increasing customer happiness at the same time. Dave will discuss all aspects of the upcoming smartmenu revolution, including: What types of restaurants are suited to smartmenus? How do you use new technologies while retaining the personal touch? And how do smartmenus improve the bottom line?