Adam Petyt


This young, savvy, millennial entrepreneur and Director of Cornware UK is unstoppable. Adam''s quest to develop a chic, high quality and vibrant eco-friendly brand has also led him to becoming an unabashed green consultant to small businesses and eateries by helping them go green and increase profit. Starting out from very young, and with a strong background in events and hospitality for over 5 years, Adam understands the dilemma companies face under the global pressure of going green. The aim is simple, he says: "To turn your business as natural, ethical, recycled, eco-friendly or sustainable as possible and be practical about it. It must make business sense!"

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Panel Session: Ethical Eats: How Sustainable is your Business?

Clean-conscience eating is the new food movement consumers are desperate to be a part of. From veganism to locally-sourced produce to eco-friendly packaging, the panellists discuss how you can ensure your business is sustainable. Panel Theatre Hall 15 - Tuesday 15:00 - 15:30