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19 & 20 November 2019



Franchise Your Business!

The Franchising Centre will once again be at the Takeaway Innovation Expo 2017 at Excel to answer all of your questions about franchising your business.

Why do so many food brands choose to expand via franchising? “It’s quite simple”, explains Bill Pegram, a Director of The Franchising Centre. “In a fast moving business sector where grabbing market share and establishing your brand ahead of the competition is paramount, franchising offers the best route to low cost, rapid growth.”

Pegram went on to explain “Whilst we are all familiar with the big franchised brands, what is really interesting is when you start to scratch below the surface and see how different food brands have used franchising strategically. Some have used franchising to drive international growth, some have blended franchising with corporately owned outlets and others have used franchising to boost initial growth, before buying back the franchised outlets as the business matures. The point is, franchising does not have to be a “One size fits all” solution. It is flexible and can be used to achieve the particular goals of a business.”

If you want to know more about franchising and how it might play a part in your expansion plans, come and speak to The Franchising Centre at the Takeaway Innovation Expo 2017.

If you didn't manage to meet us this year and can’t wait until next year, call us now on 01904 561598 for a Free, no obligation chat to one of our experienced franchise advisors.