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19 & 20 November 2019




When we think of bamboo, we may not give it priority on the list of beautiful things, but this highly attractive natural material provides interior designers with a sustainable, attractive product that can be used to make a multitude of furniture and gift items, as well as its more traditional use as a floor and wall covering.

Moso Bamboo is hugely flexible in its potential use, and through greater understanding of the properties and capabilities of this material designers will find this a truly ‘unlimited’ choice. 

Did you know for instance, that BMW has used bamboo for the dashboard of a number of its models, and Richard Rogers Architect of Roger Stirk Harbour & Partners choose bamboo for the cladding of the T4 International airport at Barajas, Madrid.  One product designer used bamboo to craft a briefcase highlighting the wide versatility of this material.  Bamboo is used extensively in the manufacture of kitchen and bathroom units and surfaces where a highly original and contemporary look is desired.

The more traditional use of bamboo is of course as a wall, floor and ceiling covering and has been chosen for many high profile design projects throughout the world.  Bamboo was used to create a seamless visual space of floor, wall and ceiling at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain.  This outstanding material was chosen for flooring and wall panels at the Design Museum, London for its design to win project by architect Urban Salon, solid panel were used for making furniture for a restaurant, and more recently world-renowned interiors architect André Fu, choose our bamboo for the recently completed Opus suite at the Berkeley Hotel, London. 

Bamboo is a material highly suited to a retail environment.  It offers unlimited design possibilities, particularly if a contemporary co-ordinated or contrasting look is desired.  Contrasting designs can be achieved by mixing the colour finishes, and also by connecting the bamboo strips in different ways, for instance horizontally, vertically, or crushed – these strips then make up a finished panel.

Bamboo doesn’t just look beautiful, it is a high performance material being extremely robust, durable and hard-wearing making it suitable for areas of heavy traffic.  It also scores heavily in an interior environment where public health and wellbeing is a priority and where other building products have anti-allergenic properties.  Environmentally, bamboo outperforms wood every time.  Moso bamboo is probably the most environmentally friendly and sustainable species in the world, due to its harvesting and production processes which are carried out to the highest standards of environmental and manufacturing control.  The species of bamboo used is exceptionally fast growing, therefore making it non-viable as a food source for Panda’s which graze off low, slow-growing varieties.

Bamboo from Moso is the only bamboo company which has full carbon footprint and LCA certification which guarantees that all its products are carbon neutral (or better) over their full life cycle.  The use of Moso bamboo products – especially in Green Premium – contributes to a higher score in the leading sustainable building certification systems LEED and BREEAM.


To request samples or for further information on the capabilities and design flexibility of bamboo, contact the sales team on 01793 208030 or email 


Bamboo Surfaces is the UK’s sole importer for Moso bamboo and has in-house design, manufacturing and distribution facilities at its site in Swindon.