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19 & 20 November 2019



Securing your Restaurant 24/7

icomply is a leading provider of CCTV and related surveillance equipment to governments, emergency service providers, city and town councils, banks and financial institutions, housing associations and property development companies and the retail and leisure sector worldwide.

With an increasing number of restaurant chains interested in implementing its newest product offering, icomplycloud, what better way to showcase the solution than at the Takeaway & Restaurant Expo?

What is icomplycloud?

icomplycloud is a new way to manage & use CCTV for businesses of any size. It consists of two components: a secure, easy to use, feature-rich cloud-based web portal and a clever piece of software, called Oversight, that can easily be integrated with your existing CCTV and robotic camera systems, no matter what they are.

Users can log on to the portal from their chosen device – phone, tablet or laptop (no need to install software) to access a secure facility hosted on large scale commercially available server “farms” around the globe – always available 24/7.  With Oversight installed in their premises, users can log on via this cloud-based portal to view live CCTV and robotic camera streams and to search for and download footage of interest.

The portal and the Oversight software work together to understand bandwidth constraints and automatically adjust the quality and size of files and video streams appropriately. Anything you download during your research is stored online, meaning if you spot something suspicious, you can revisit it as needed.

Oversight units (by the way – soon to be released – a 3G variant for vehicles too) can be designed for any number of video channels  (the smallest “off the shelf” solution caters for four channels) and can connect to your existing CCTV equipment, no matter what it is.

icomplycloud monitors the Oversight “heartbeat” and alerts you to any problems it finds. It works with most makes of camera, DVR’s and NVR’s. It works with analogue and IP technologies – although analogue legacy video streams will need encoding first.

All the video is recorded at evidential quality in Oversight. Oversight checks out each video stream as it records – and fires off little clips that it thinks might be of interest into icomplycloud.

When you log on to the icomplycloud portal, you’ll find a selection of video clips waiting for you to review. If you decide to look at a clip, the technology downloads a longer version of the clip to the web portal for you to view.

icomplycloud meets your multiple surveillance and monitoring needs, keeping your staff, customers and  commercial reputation safe. It automates preventative and reactive security measures, integrating them into a central cloud-based control room.  It puts you in control of your premises at all times.

To see icomplycloud in action, visit stand 1332, where experts from icomply can answer your specific questions as well as showcasing this new technology…


PHONE: 07976746761