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19 & 20 November 2019



How to Get Better Feedback From Restaurant Comment Boxes

Your customers will only leave feedback in your restaurant comment box, if it's an easy and pleasant process for them. Many restaurants are moving to digital comment boxes, such as Blurtbox, but If you'd like to implement an on-site comment box, or if you already have one but you'd like to use it more effectively, try these four strategies:

1. Make sure it's in plain sight. This may seem obvious, but try to look at your comment box placement through a brand new guest's eyes. Things we see every day may not immediately catch a first-time diner. Place the box in a prominent location where diners can conveniently pause for a moment, and consider using a small sign in attractive colors to point out its location.

2. Provide pens with the cards. Don't assume that your guests have a pen with them! Be sure to choose professional looking, easy to use pens and display them in an organized way. Use attractive, printed cards, whether you print them yourself or pay to have them created. Use your logo and brand colors in the design.

3. Move to a digital comment box so you don’t have to worry about the 2 steps above. Getting feedback is too important to have room for error, which is why implementing a digital comment box, like Blurtbox is a great way to stay on top of customer feedback. 

4. Contact and thank commenters. Every step of this process should be pleasant and rewarding for the guest. Reach out to guests who leave their contact information. Getting in touch with them to tell how you used their feedback, and inviting them to return and enjoy the improvement, is a powerful way to create guest loyalty.

5. Staff should encourage customers to leave comments. Servers, hosts, and bartenders can all take a moment to point out that your restaurant values their feedback and tell them how to give it. 

Why Digital Comment Boxes are the Future

A comment box is an excellent way to work on completing the feedback loop with your patrons. However, the best possible restaurant comment box has two-way communication built in. You can find this with BlurtBox, the latest in customer experience management tools. This intuitive app allows your guests to log in and leave private, anonymous feedback which you can then respond to in real time. It's perfect for the modern consumer, who already uses their smartphone in all areas on life.

Gathering customer feedback is always great way to connect with your guests and demonstrate how much their dining experience matters to you, but only if it is easily accessible Patrons who feel valued will turn into loyal regular customers who are excited to invite their friends. If you're ready to take the next step with a digital restaurant comment box, create a free BlurtBox account and get in touch with your guests today, and be sure to check us out at the Restaurant Tech Live Show!