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19 & 20 November 2019



The Right Music For Restaurants

There have been numerous studies into the effects of background music on diners, which help solidify the importance of making music a part of the menu at your restaurant. Whilst diners may not necessarily be coming to your restaurant for the music, it certainly enhances the overall experience at a venue. People eat out as a form of entertainment, so providing music to your clientele, really optimises their overall experience in a positive way.

When people enter a restaurant, there are 3 senses that will instantly engage to help form an opinion on the venue, sight, smell and sound. Obviously, taste is important too, but that comes later. When a customer walks into a restaurant, what are the first things that they see, smell and hear? The decor in a restaurant could be stunning, the aroma seeping from the kitchen could be divine, but without music fulfilling the sense of sound, the ambience may not feel entirely complete. 

Most restaurants will invest in visual advertising, whilst background music remains largely ignored or written off as just background noise. This is a missed opportunity as sound branding is all around us. Every time you turn on the radio or TV and listen to a jingle, your brain is forming an emotional response to what it is hearing and connecting this response to that moment in time.

Most assume that they are simply listening to some pleasant background music whilst dining out, but the emotional response that this music arouses within you will ultimately have an effect on how you feel about that particular restaurant. As such, it’s important to ensure that if you own a restaurant, it is being represented well by playing the right music to the right people at the right times. No matter the desired mood, music is essential to creating the perfect atmosphere. 

Music is also an important aspect towards driving sales. A study published by the Association for Consumer Research found that diners spent, on average, 23 percent more when slow-tempo music was played. This was mostly due to consumers chewing their food for longer, spending more time at the table and purchasing more alcohol whilst dining.

Music isn’t just for customers of your restaurant, it also plays a large role in motivating your staff. Research has suggested that 74% of employees enjoy going to work more when music is being played, with a third of employees being less likely to take time off sick.

As with most marketing strategies, when it comes to background music for restaurants, there is no one size fits all model. What is most important is that the type of music that is played in a restaurant will fit well with your restaurant’s image, attracts more footfall and positively impacts the  consumer dining patterns.

Whether you are looking for contemporary jazz, classical tunes, the latest chart music or something more traditional, soundjack provides the perfect music for restaurants. soundjack will work with you to create a bespoke music profile that fits your exact requirements.

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