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19 & 20 November 2019



Own Brand Mobile App for Restaurants - Case Study

The most progressive restaurants are using mobile apps to increase customer engagement, improve operational efficiency and drive sales growth yet evidence to support their business case and give the market confidence in the power of mobile has been scarce… until now.

Below is a summary of the Taylor St. Baristas mobile app case study that was built on the Pepper mobile app platform, which has produced market leading results, and is widely recognised as best in class.

Founded in 2006 by the team behind Harris + Hoole, Taylor St. Baristas had a dream to become the leading independent chain of coffeehouses by doing things better than and differently from their competitors.

Business Needs & Objectives

“Our ethos is to always do things better”. Taylor St. did not just want an app, they wanted an app that would drive their business forward with quantifiable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

✔Increase footfall ✔ Reduce queue times ✔ Increase operational efficiency (especially at busy times) ✔ Enable mobile payments ✔ Increase average order value / basket size ✔Increase frequency of visit / customer return rate ✔ Reward loyalty automatically

Competitor Praise

Even the largest enterprise chains in the coffee shop sector are impressed by the success of the Taylor St. Baristas app:

“This is definitely the best solution we’ve seen in the market; and we’ve seen everything”

David Radburn, CTO, Caffè Nero

“We looked broadly across the market for a mobile solution, including the US. Pepper met our needs best”

Andy Chalklin, CTO, Pret A Manger

“Pepper’s platform would enable Costa to deliver an immediate pre-order capability and would help leapfrog our mobile capability ahead of Starbucks”

Toni Wood, Marketing Director, Costa Coffee

Mobile Experts Agree

“I like the Taylor St. Baristas app is for its great UX and it’s pay functionality. Paying with my phone saves me time, and the order and collect service means I can order a drink in advance, be directed to the café, check-in and collect my drink at the counter. It’s such a smooth experience”

Mobile Industry Review, Top 7 App list

Full Set of Powerful Features

✔Discovery ✔Pre-Order ✔Mobile Payments ✔Digital Loyalty ✔Automated Rewards ✔Personalised Promotions ✔Delivery ✔Refer a Friend ✔Analytics Dashboard ✔EPOS & Systems Integration

What Makes Pepper Different?

✔One-Stop Managed Service ✔Affordable: £100 / Restaurant / Month ✔Speed to Market - Days not Months ✔No Transaction (Hidden) Costs ✔Easy to Use

Pepper sets the standard for fully branded mobile apps in restaurants looking to harness the power of mobile... From smaller brands like Black Sheep Coffee and Press to mid-size chains like Vital Ingredient, Crussh, Taylor St. Baristas and Pure all the way up to giants like Pret A Manger...

Taylor St. Baristas’ Opinion of the App

“By focusing on things customers value rather than what technology is capable of, we now have an app that is a tremendous value-add to our business”

Richard Shaer, MD

“Pepper’s focus on the consumer experience and its rich feature set has given us a mobile channel that speeds up business at peak times and our customers love it”

Peggah Kamali, COO

“It is so quick and so easy to pay with the Taylor St. Baristas app. Imagine if everyone had it, no one would ever queue again!”

Sofie Gustavsson, Store Manager

“Every day, we’re seeing new people walk through our doors. It is making the total customer experience exceptional”

Andrew Tolley, Co-Founder


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