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19 & 20 November 2019



Increase Online Orders, Delight your Customers & Boost your Profits with My Order Box, POS.

Your customers are looking for you online - can they find you?

Many of the customers we speak to think they have a great website or don’t need help because they use an ‘Online Order Providers’ and they’ve never been busier. 

However the truth is most Takeaways have a poor online presence, so can’t be found directly. Their websites are difficult to use, orders need to be phoned in which leads to customer frustration, eats into staff productivity and increases your costs!

‘Online Order Providers’ are a great way to access ‘your customers’, but at what cost? You could be paying upwards of £2.50 per order, that’s £25 for every 10 order, so you might be busy - but are you making money?!

Take back that Control

● Customers can now find you via an SEO customised website, that works on Mobile Phones, Tablets and Desktops fully responsive which links directly to My Order Box POS so now you have a complete solution 

● Create customer loyalty by offering vouchers on new and repeat orders - market to your customers directly and grow your sales

● It’s Cloud based so now you can get ‘true’ real time reporting, from anywhere

● Works ‘fully’ even if the internet is not working, so there is no downtime

● Manage your driver takings & deliveries - keep track of orders and ‘delight customers’ by sending status updates, so they know when the driver is arriving

● Fixed monthly subscription plans, so you know what you pay each month - commission free orders!

That’s not all!

My Order Box is the only POS you’ll ever need. Designed with simplicity and ease of use - backed with powerful functionality such as recipe control, inventory management, intelligent reporting and many more features as standard. There isn’t much that we don’t offer when it comes to managing your Takeaway and if you want something we don’t have - you’ll get it automatically in our regular update program.

Come and see us at our stand 920 or give us a call on +44(0)203 137 8483 and let us show you why My Order Box is the ideal solution for your Takeaway!

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