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19 & 20 November 2019



Add Music To Your Menu

When we go out to eat, we each have our own set of expectations and desires. The food, the wine, what we wear and where we want to go – these are all choices we make. Choice is at the heart of the dining experience. 

But we are also creatures of habit.  As much as we may occasionally want to try new things we still like to return to the places we know we like. For the restaurant owner creating the right experience for every, old and new, customer is important. The lighting, decoration and general ambience is sometimes as important as the food and drink.

When we eat out we expect everything to be to be of a high standard. This includes the music. The wrong music selection can be extremely detrimental to the ambience of a restaurant. soundjack will help you get it right.  Being able to choose what you eat and drink has long been taken for granted. Now it is time to add music to the menu as well.

Going One Step Further With The soundjack App

The next generation technology contained in our mobile app is where soundjack really becomes significantly different to other background music services.

The soundjack app allows a consumer to play choices from your profiled list of music. It’s a bit like turning a mobile phone into a remote control. Placing the customer in charge of your music sounds like it could be a brave move. But soundjack only allows the customer to choose tracks from your pre-approved music profile.

We believe that the extra consumer engagement from giving the customer the ability to actually choose what songs play next are all the features that make soundjack stand out in front of the crowd. This technology working together with all the different elements of your restaurant will create a bond between your diners and the environment. This will fulfil a new experience for many, and keep regular diners coming back time and time again. 

Background Music For Your Brand

 Of course, we understand that a mobile app such as this may not be the right solution for some restaurants. We introduced soundjack as it is our belief that people expect to control the music in the places they eat and drink, but if you only want background music then of course the service works just as well with or without the app.

We want to work with you in order to create the perfect ambience for your customers. We want the atmosphere to perfectly match and inspire your clientele.. Some contemporary jazz to go with your craft ales and quinoa, or some classic Sinatra to go with your steak and red wine. Together lets create the perfect dining experience and add music to your menu.

So come and see soundjack at stand 1236 for an introduction and demonstration of the service. We will also be holding a raffle for a Sonos speaker system at the event. Just find our stand or a soundjack representative and fill out your details to enter.


Phone: 0207 644 8880