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19 & 20 November 2019



Why Is Now The Best Time To Invest In A Security System?

In Todays World technology plays a vital part in every businesses strategy and the benefits of embracing innovations are often underestimated and overlooked due to restrictions in budget and a lack of resources. Some businesses are better at embracing and taking advantage of advances in technology as they see it as essential to their growth strategy and realise that they are investing in the future prosperity of the business.  

With the many pressures facing businesses in an ever changing world, a good security system should be of major importance to every business and deserves to be prioritised by business owners and management as it plays a vital role in the safety and well being of your staff, customers and safeguards your business assets.

The world of CCTV has recently been turned on its head with ground breaking advances in the technology allowing High Definition surveillance to enter into the mainstream and more importantly with a price tag affordable price for almost any business to implement. Within the last 12 months MCD Security Systems has seen a huge rise in demand for HD CCTV systems from the commercial sector as surveillance footage is now deemed to be more effective in criminal convictions due to its clarity and reliability as evidence in a court of law. 

Other technological advances mean that CCTV is no longer just a means of catching a criminal after a theft has come to light, rather it's benefits are numerous as and not exclusive of those listed below; 

• CCTV cameras play a major role in deterrence of criminal activity be it theft, assault, aggressive behaviour, verbal/racial abuse, anti-social behaviour, loitering, internal theft.

• Analytics can be used to count customers entering and leaving your premises providing insight in to customer flow

• CCTV can also be used to track certain vehicles by there number plate and certain individuals via facial recognition

• Integrate your CCTV System with your EPOS systems to track what is being scanned

Why not come and visit us at stand 682 at this exhibition were will be exhibiting the features described above.