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19 & 20 November 2019



Why surplus ≠ waste – and 4 things you can gain from this realization

As food service provider, you don’t want to miss out on sales to your clients. You want to have a great selection. You want it to be fresh. You want your offering to look good until the very end.

However, you don’t want to have to throw food away unnecessarily at the end of the day either. It’s a waste of money and resources – not to mention a PR catastrophe in today’s world where food waste is a hot topic. Everyone hates waste.

What if you could solve this dilemma, get the best of both worlds, and attract thousands of new clients as a bonus, without extra costs? 

What if you had a channel for selling out the food left over from your days servings, quickly and easily, to new customers without cannibalizing your regular sales?

ResQ Club is just this kind of service that allows maintaining a broad, fresh, appealing offering without having to throw quality food away. With its simple browser interface, making offers of remaining, high-quality food takes just a few seconds.

Consumers get notified of your offer almost immediately, and can reserve and pay them directly via the ResQ Club app or web interface to be retrieved during the time interval that you have specified.

Here’s what you can gain by reframing the whole problem – by seeing that surplus does not have to mean waste:

1. Save $£€ directly

There is no free waste. By selling out all your surplus while it is still fresh, you avoid having to waste your high-end ingredients and all the love your staff has put into preparing the products. ResQ sales is extra income which goes almost directly to your bottom line.

2. Higher product circulation -> more freshness and better service

Waste is expensive, but lost sales and disappointed clients (for whom you didn’t have that portion of her favorite avocado salad left) are even more expensive. Analytics and better forecasting can help in reducing waste to a certain extent, but they don’t get rid of this tradeoff between surplus and service level.

Having a “spare vent” to sell away the surplus allows serving your current clientel to the max.

3. Make your venue and offering known

There are already over 45,000 registered ResQ Club members in Finland, the Netherlands, Estonia, and Sweden, growing at a rate of thousands per week. As a ResQ Club provider partner, you get free, relevant visibility through our targeted notifications, your visibility on the service’s map, your offer listings, as well as additional foot traffic at your venue. 

This is also a great upselling opportunity: “Do you want a latte with that, sir?” “Here’s a 20 % discount voucher for one of our hotel rooms over the weekend, on the house.”

4. Be a sustainable forerunner

However, you get the most out the visibility by being among our first partners when we launch the service in your country. You’ll get to be part of the PR, and you get a disproportionate amount of visibility

We are eager to tell our users about your previous initiatives for reducing waste. Now you can also say that you never have to throw anything away, even when a client cancels on you. ResQ Club is a stamp of responsibility, modernity, and freshness.

Do you want to be part of our mission to eliminate food waste from European food service providers by 2030?

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Tuure Parkkinen

CEO & Co-founder

ResQ Club Oy