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19 & 20 November 2019



How to protect your brand – and get it Trademarked

TradeMark Eagle are delighted to announce that they will be making their debut at the Food Entrepreneur Show in September this year.

Trademark Eagle is a leading online trademark registration business in the UK, serving the food industry with its expertise and supporting clients to protect their brands with UK, EU and International Trademarks.

“Previous feedback from exhibition delegates highlighted trademarks as an area that many were uniformed about and in need of expert advice as they seek to develop their brands and protect them from the competition.  To have an industry leader come to the exhibition to support both delegates and exhibitors is a real coup!” 

 {QUOTE FROM FOOD ENTREPENEUR EXPO – James Williams, Event Director}

“Our innovative online approach has meant we have been able to significantly reduce the Trademark Attorney costs of registration, whilst maintaining a success rate of 99%, and the integrity of our customer service.

We will be able to offer delegates some free initial trademark advice on the day, and hope we will be able to help many companies realise the protection for their brand which it deserves.  We are expecting a few busy days and advising anyone wanting to meet with us to book early.”  

Jeanette Wood, MD Trademark Eagle

To arrange a timeslot for some initial trademark advice at the exhibition:

email – or call 01223 208624