The Message Your Packaging Sends Goes Far Beyond The Printed Artwork

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PleatPak™ and MagicBag by GreenDustries™ allows food to be enjoyed in a convenient, clean and fun way while providing a new and pleasant consumption experience. GreenDustries' products are cost effective, operationally sound and designed to offer significant benefits to any Brand.

With satisfied customers in over 45 countries around the world, the PleatPak™ and MagicBag represents more than just convenient designed packaging; it's a way for restaurants to distinguish themselves from the competition with (quite literally) out-of-the-box delivery method that makes an impression with its durability and stand-out looks.

Traditional clamshell boxes and flat-wraps just don't do justice to the product or to the customer. The PleatPak™ has a great wow-factor, which can't be underestimated when you want to stand out as a burger chain.

The current commodities packaging, used for decades, usually requires burgers to be placed within boxes to have additional paper wrapping as well, a step that GreenDustries has been able to remove while improving the durability of the product during travel-while saving space and excess material.

How a product travels is indeed a key factor to consumer perceptions of quality-which is part of the reason that GreenDustries' PleatPak™ is fast becoming the signature packaging for better-burgers.

Instilling this level of brand recognition is worthwhile, especially when it comes with added operational benefits and meets environmentally friendly standards. 

In addition, the PleatPak™ provides better heat retention, moisture loss and absorption than other packaging in the QSR industry today. French-fries and other finger foods that are held in the MagicBag will stay warmer and crispier longer.

When scrolling through Yelp! reviews of Boston's Tasty Burger, you'll find the usual mix of talk regarding flavor, service, affordability, and atmosphere. What's much more surprising are the frequent mentions of the burgers' packaging, with descriptors like "ultra convenient," "unique," “I love the wrap” and even "beautiful," with one MIT engineering student apologizing for "nerding out" about the intelligent construction and design of the PleatPak™. 

Visits to the review pages of other major better-burger brands in the US such as Ramen Burger, Umami Burger, Kobeyaki and others yield similar results. People don't usually comment on Yelp! unless it's a disaster but these people are getting on there saying that the packaging really made a difference in their experience, which shows that the PleatPak™ is a real and impactful brand builder.

The PleatPak™ surrounds each sandwich/burger with a perfect structure of pleats when fully closed and while eating is easily peeled back to reveal just the bite that customers want while at the same time keeping them clean. 

The package that is at the center of all this Millennial-fueled conversation is the PleatPak™ by GreenDustries™ which is quickly becoming the overwhelming packaging of choice, worldwide!