The Cooking Theatre At The Takeaway Innovation Expo

The Cooking theatre

With so many products, appliances, and supplies to choose from at the Takeaway Innovation Expo show, sometimes you really just need to sit back and watch each innovation put to the test so you can see their capabilities for yourself.

Well, that’s why we’ve designed The Cooking Theatre, an area that’s completely dedicated to demonstrating the power of the products you see at the show before you think about buying them. Across the event’s two days, the Theatre will showcase some of the most cutting edge and inspiring technological developments in cooking.

As well as having the benefit of seeing some of the most innovative tools and gadgets in action, you’ll always hear expert information and advice on the product’s function and ability.

The Cooking Theatre will be popular amongst the show’s visitors, so make sure you arrive at the venue early in order to grab a seat and get ready to watch the innovation in the kitchen!

  • Comark Instruments: Showing live at the Cooking Theatre

    Comark Instruments

    Stand No: 851

    Comark Instruments is a leading, international manufacturer of high quality, precision thermometers, data loggers and wireless monitoring solutions. As experts... [more]

  • Rupert's Recipes Ltd: Showing live at the Cooking Theatre

    Rupert's Recipes Ltd

    Stand No: 850

    Rupert's Recipes is one of UK's largest independent ingredient suppliers serving the fast food sector including takeaways, restaurants and fast food... [more]