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19 & 20 November 2019



Weedka BV

Capture your opportunity with Weedka, join the exploding global consumer cannabis trend.

Weedka is a quintuple distilled French grain vodka with the delicate flavour of 100% natural cannabis. Born in Amsterdam, made in Holland (where else??). It has a super smooth finish and the taste will blow you away - positively of course.

Weedka is an innovative product that seamlessly fits the global cannabis trend currently taking the world by storm.
Does it get you high? - NOPE! But all the party ingredients are in! To best enjoy Weedka we suggest you sip it before you mix it.

Weedka is a release drink. The new, unique and on-trend flavour will light up many parties and create many new friendships.

Tel: +31610424268

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