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19 & 20 November 2019



Topicos Diarios Lda

We all want to be healthy. Even if we`re not actively pursuing it, the thought sits in the back of our minds. But it`s often the case that shortly after making positive habit changes, we lack the will and discipline to continue. There are plenty of reasons we might give up; need for determination, lack of time, inconvenience.
INIU emerges to tackle this issue. We focus on offering 100% natural, healthy products, that are both convenient and practical for the consumer. The innovative use of cryogenic freezing in the production process means that our products are frozen at the point of freshness, retaining 99% of nutrients, and requiring no additives nor preservatives.
We aim to become the top health food brand in Europe. Our vision is to fuel the healthy movement in Europe by creating new products, built on the foundations of `health` and `convenience`.
INIU`s mission is simple: we want to help people have a healthier lifestyle by offering a wide range of products that are both healthy and convenient for the final consumer. And we intend to achieve this with minimal social or environmental impact.
Making juices from scratch can be wasteful and very time-consuming. With INIU you waste minimal food and time. There`s also little waste created during the production process. Almost every bit of the ingredients are used, and the final product comes in minimal, recyclable packaging.
INIU is 100% natural, has zero added sugar and is designed for a healthy, hassle-free lifestyle.

Tel: 0035 1969 194 334

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