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19 & 20 November 2019



The Oro Distilling Co

Luxury, precision, scientific endeavour, these are the pillars of Oro Distilling.

We produce the new gold standard of Scottish Dry gin, not only Oro and Oro V- our multi award winning gins, but also award-winning bespoke gins.

Our family owned and operated distillery, was born from the Family`s desire to create a classical style gin, one that contains chemical balance, flavoursome, velvety smooth when neat and stand out when mixed.

Our story has been long and complex, originating from Jacquie and Ray Jnr discussing the creation of flavour profiles in Spain right through to the completion and commissioning of the Distillery in Dalton, Dumfries and Galloway.

The Oro Gin name was chosen to augment the sense of luxury that this gin brings (`Oro` means gold in both Spanish and Italian`). The sleek minimal bottle design was chosen because the timeless classic Art Deco style encapsulates `Oro`. The logo using concentric circles to represent the atomic suborbital structure of gold itself. Carefully considered and seriously stylish, Oro is a gin with sophistication in abundance.

Attention to detail has always been paramount to us, from the selection of a demi-decanter bottle to the type of gold foil and UV varnish used on the embossed labels. The stoppers have been designed to incorporate a debossed version of our logo, but even the hybrid polymer-cork material selected is designed to ensure the stoppers do not shrink when chilled.

Oro and Oro V were initially designed theoretically using natural product chemistry, Ray Jnr one of the founders is a chemical biology graduate that finished a Masters in Chemistry and did not want to continue with a PhD in biophysical chemistry. Instead going on to study a MSc in Brewing and Distilling at Heriot Watt University.

Using this knowledge of chemical compound interactions along with the phenomenal palate of Jacquie, over 500 botanicals were studied and then screened to analyse their chemical makeup, we were in search of very certain flavour compounds. The list was taken down to approximately 20 botanicals and the experimental trials ensued. These botanicals are the finest ingredients sourced from all over the globe, from Brazil right through to Thailand! Twenty-seven recipes were designed and in fact recipes 1 and 5 (hence named after roman numeral V) were selected after blind taste panels were undertaken at The International Centre of Brewing and Distilling. Amazingly, after a 500-person taste panel was undertaken recipes 1 and 5 couldn`t be separated, with 250 votes a piece. It was decided to create both Oro and Oro V as they are distinctly different, yet, with 13 common botanicals.

The distillery team is a very familiar team, consisting of the three directors (all family members) and then two friends of Ray Jnr from the brewing and distilling masters degree (in the Tasting Bar we also have two young members of the local community). We are a determined and dynamic team, brining balance to our scientific side of the business.

Oro is the epitome of excellent taste.

Tel: 01387840381

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