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19 & 20 November 2019



Spirits Of Virtue

Spirits of Virtue was launched in April 2018 we are a new start company which distils, produces, distributes, markets and sells non alcoholic spirits. With the rebranding our gin product from Chastity to No Sin Gin for the UK market a further product was launched in early Summer 2019, Dochus - Scotland's Spirit. A further product, vodka, launched in late Summer 2019 with four exciting flavours.

Our product is in a niche market that very few establishments cater for but it`s the biggest growing sector of the drinks industry 5 years By using an unique process that ensures the botanicals are preserved and the alcohol signature is respected. It`s a 3 part process. maceration, fermentation and distillation. A regular gin is just distilled so this is much harder to make. The maceration and fermentation returns the signature and the presence of alcohol back into the product. We have 3 flavours of gin: London Dry, Hibiscus and Rose with a London Dry Gin Base and Rhubard & Ginger.

Our whisky was developed by using Deep Sound Cavitation to emulate and simulate the presence of alcohol which conducts the ageing in minutes of whiskey to 10 year old standards.

It's been a successful year;

• Winning 'Britian's Next Top Supplier 2018' with Ocado is what started it all off for us.
• An ambitious NPD and technology innovation.
• Contract to supply a major UK supermarket to supply 2 flavour`s of Own Label no alcoholic gin product. as well as supplying our own brand into this supermarket.
• An own label version with the 5 major supermarket players in the UK.
• Awarded the first ever Halal certification for a spirit which our competitors have not managed to achieve.
• Contracts with the main players in the Middle East.
• We are now BRC AA * Unanounced in our standards which is world class in terms of excellence.
• Discussions with Distributors in Saudi Arabia, India, Kuwait, Bahrain, Singapore, Malaysia and North Africa.

Tel: 0141 478 0666

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