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19 & 20 November 2019



Sculpted Steel

Beautiful bespoke ironwork, designed and created to enhance your surroundings.
Individual, client-led design has always been at the centre of Sculpted Steel`s brand. Having worked with private clients, the Public Art sector and Schools for over ten years, we are now bringing our unique style of ironwork to the Bar and Restaurant arena. Our experience means that we have the skills and understanding to bring the wow-factor to your venue. Our clients often come to us with no clear idea of what they want and it`s up to us to find that `hook` to hang the design from. We have become quite adept at mind-reading! We provide a complete service, from design to installation, so all you have to bring is your story.
Whether you want small fixtures to complete a theme, or a show-stealing piece of wall art, our unique design can help take your venue from `Great` to `Wow!`
Every commission begins with a conversation, so please get in touch to book a meeting. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Tel: 07963523824

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