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19 & 20 November 2019



Infamous Designs & Concepts BVBA

Infamous Designs & Concepts: a Belgian private label spirits company.

The Infamous N° 01 - Premium Spiced Rum: with this roaring name, Infamous Designs & Concepts launched their first private label in 2017. This year, they unexpectedly launched a rebranding of their first creation, and released a new descendant: The Infamous N° 02 - The Arcane.

Both rum based spirits bare the same characteristics: a kick-ass rum blend, infused with quality spices, bottled in a bespoke decorated bottle.

The Infamous N° 01 (The Original) is based on a rum blend from Barbados and Trinidad matured in Bourbon barrels, refined in Belgium with the best herbs and spices.

The Arcane (or The Infamous N° 02), on the other hand, is a delightfully sinful creation: a secret Caribbean rum blend refined with fresh pineapple, cinnamon, cloves and anise. Be seduced by its mesmerising flavours. Lose yourself in its mysteries.

The Infamous rum has been able to collect a nice set of recognition's: Wabel's Best Spirit 2017, Bronze and Silver at the World Rum Awards for Design and Design New-Arrival and in 2018 Bronze during the Madrid Rum Awards.

Both creations are fully in line with the ethos of designers: perfect to enjoy as a straight sipper, or as part of a cocktail. The Painkiller, An Infamous Storm, Captain Infamous, ... one by one cocktails that appeal to the imagination.

ID&C is the company behind these exceptional rums. Started by two friends, Kris & Robby, as an expression of their hearty and creative lifestyle.

Tel: +32 472 702 460

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