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19 & 20 November 2019



Elan Mocktails

We`re Elan Mocktails, creators of premium non-alcoholic mocktails based in Covent Garden, London.

Our founders recognised not everybody drinks alcohol, and that can be for a variety of reasons, be it:

• Religious
• Dietary
• Age
• Pregnancy

Or other, health-related matters - and with a 2018 survey showing the level of alcohol consumption falling - they noticed a considerable gap in the non-alcoholic beverage market.

So, they put their heads together, had a light bulb moment and launched Elan Mocktails in 2019 with the alcohol-free Virgin Mojito, packed with the mojito`s famous mouthwatering sugar, soda water, lime juice and mint ingredients.
And in place of the rum?
Well, that`s our little secret.

Why You`ll Love Our Mocktails.

Using only natural juices and ingredients, our mocktails are perfect for everyone, whether you`re a vegetarian, vegan or on halal or kosher diets.
They look and taste just like a cocktail with the bonus of not only being healthy, but the flavours will tantalise your taste buds and help non-drinkers party all night long - without having to face the consequences of the dreaded hangover.
Heck, alcohol drinkers will love the taste too!

Your New Favourite Party Drink.

Whether you`re a non-drinker, or even if you are, and you`re looking for the tastiest alternative to alcohol on a night out or in with friends, you`ll love our range of delicious alcohol-free mocktails.
With just one sip, we think you`ll have found your new favourite party drink.

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