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19 & 20 November 2019



Ecoffee Cup

Ecoffee Cup is the reusable cup made with fast-growing, highly sustainable bamboo fibre, corn starch and resin. Light, bright and beautiful to drink from - bamboo fibre is naturally sterile and won't flavour taint your coffee. So that means no plastic after-taste!

Lid and sleeve are made with high-quality matte food grade silicone designed especially for high temperatures and won't mis-shape or sag. It also has a resealable no-drip lid: perfect for dropping in your page when you are finished.

Ecoffee Cup is available in four sizes and over 75 different designs and is fully dishwasher safe. We can also create short-run customised Cups for cafes, roasteries and distributors -making the perfect customer loyalty program that people love to reuse.

With Ecoffee Cup there really is No Excuse For Single-Use.

Tel: +44 (0)20 3355 5086

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