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19 & 20 November 2019



Drop Bear Beer Co.

The 0.5% craft beer that is disrupting the beer industry.

More than a beer, Drop Bear is an attitude.

Co-Founded by two LGBT+ women in a male-dominated industry, not only are Drop Bear showing the world that women are more than capable of creating high quality beer, they are also empowering people to embrace their identity.

Drop Bear addresses the demand for excitement, energy, and variety in the low/no alcohol beer scene with revolutionary flavours. A blend of speciality malts and hops are craftily balanced to create an interesting and sessionable drinking experience no matter which ale you choose.

100% natural, 0% funny business. Unlike many competitors, Drop Bear Beer does not need any additives or lactose in order to have a full body or head. It's just great beer, brewed as it should be, minus the alcohol.

Social responsibility is at the heart of Drop Bear Beer Co. Committed to making the world a healthier and happier place, Drop Bear headquarters are powered by 100% renewable energy, are completely paperless, and place a strong emphasis on employee wellbeing.

Join the Drop Bear revolution.

Tel: 07495066060

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