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DRENCH Marketing

DRENCH is an app that sends exclusive deals to people based upon their location. People have to claim the drenches before they 'dry up', making it fun, timely and relevant. DRENCH was born from the frustration of having to delve into various discount apps when on a night out, as it focuses on giving the users choice based on exactly where they are. Major restaurant chains are interested in signing up to DRENCH, especially because current marketing focuses heavily on students in major cities.

We made DRENCH with the user experience front of mind, meaning it takes under 10 seconds to learn how to use and consumes around 1% of battery per day when sitting in the background. The user's privacy is paramount, with all location data anonymised and hidden, as our core focus is just offering people great deals on a daily basis.

DRENCH is due to become the geomarketing app of choice for students, with new businesses signing up every day. We're available on both iOS and Android, with a national marketing plan imminent.

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