Takeaway Innovation Awards 2015

Takeaway Innovation Awards

The Takeaway Innovation Awards is a celebration of the pioneers that have made an outstanding impact on the food industry in the past 12 months.

With four awards up for grabs, the nominees are those who have a product or service that is breaking boundaries in the food sector.

One winner will be chosen for each category; The Kitchen Innovation Award, The Product Innovation Award, The Drink Innovation Award, The TIE Tech Award. The panel of judges visit each nominee’s stand, giving them the chance to pitch their product and the reason why they should win.

Kitchen Innovation Award

Drinks Innovation Award

Product Innovation Award

Takeaway Innovation Award

The Kitchen Innovation Award

This award recognises the innovator who has created a product that will serve restaurant and takeaway kitchens for years to come, outstanding for its quality, functionality, and innovation in facilitating with back-of-the-house operations.

  • Autofry T/A HHD Ltd

    Autofry T/A HHD Ltd

    Stand No: 836

  • Hey UK

    Hey UK

    Stand No: 764

  • Moven


    Stand No: 1044

  • Spectank


    Stand No: 653

  • The Drinks Innovation Award:

    This rewards the creator of a drinks product or service that’s truly taken the industry by storm with innovative design, sustainable packaging, and unique brand.

  • CanO Drinks

    CanO Drinks

    Stand No: 507

  • GAC Corporation Ltd

    GAC Corporation Ltd

    Stand No: 704

  • Nari Palm Juice

    Nari Palm Juice

    Stand No: 510

  • Radnor Hills Mineral Water

    Radnor Hills Mineral Water

    Stand No: 518

  • The Product Innovation Award:

    A celebration of the product which has truly pushed the boundaries of design and service. The Product of the Future Award recognises the concept that combines an unprecedented blend of creativity and uniqueness to the food-to-go sector.

  • BottleDock


    Stand No: 508

  • Golden Delight Food

    Golden Delight Food

    Stand No: 743

  • Oneworld Packaging S.L.

    Oneworld Packaging S.L.

    Stand No: 564

  • Showpiece Design Limited

    Showpiece Design Limited

    Stand No: 472

  • The Takeaway Innovation Award:

    Honouring the food-to-go industry’s most outstanding innovation, one which has played an influential role throughout the country’s restaurants and takeaways, and which will continue to do so well into the future.

  • Connect24-7


    Stand No: 932

  • Cornware


    Stand No: 500


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